TV Anime "Cardcaptor Sakura" collection jewelry
TV anime “Cardcaptor Sakura” Necklaces (all 3 types)

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sakura and tomoyo

Sakura & Tomoyo inspired necklaces

This necklace is inspired by the episode that suggests the friendship between Sakura and Tomoyo will continue. The pale pink rose quartz surrounded by the rabbit and cherry blossom design expresses the rabbit eraser and the color of the cherry blossom bouquet protected by the Shield Card. The circle design means "connecting ties" and "eternity" because there is no break, and it imagines the bonds inherited from their mothers and the uninterrupted friendship between Sakura and Tomoyo. The bail features the design of the key that protects something important.


Sakura & Syaoran inspired necklaces

This necklace is inspired by the story of Sakura and Syaoran, where their feelings are connected through a teddy bear. The white quartz expresses the pure radiance of Sakura and Syaoran's true feelings, and the casual silhouette of a teddy bear nestles next to it. On the other side, we designed a silhouette of cherry blossom. The blue topaz inspired by the tears that Sakura shed when she learned she would be separated from Syaoran, and the heart silhouette inspired by the blank card created by the tears are subtly decorated.

Sakura and final judgement

Sakura & Yue inspired necklaces

This necklace is inspired by the story where Sakura is acknowledged as the master of the Clow Cards by the judge Yue. The milky quartz and cherry blossom express Sakura blocked by the Wood Card on top of Tokyo Tower illuminated by the full moon. The other side depicts the scene in which Sakura returns to reality, uses the power of the stars to change the Clow Card into a Sakura Card, and uses the Windy to demonstrate her power as the card's master to Yue. The iolite and moon silhouette represent Yue.

Special Box

The product will be delivered wrapped in a special box. The outer box and the inside of the box are decorated with the title, and the box is finished in a light pink color inspired by "Sakura" for a mature and cute look. The small size of the box is not only great for displaying but also makes it easy to carry, and you can use it as a jewelry case.