TV Anime "Attack on Titan" Captain Levi Birthday Ring

A collaboration ring celebrating
the birthday of "Captain Levi" from
the TV anime "Attack on Titan"
is now available! Celebrate
his birthday with an authentic
platinum ring inspired by Captain Levi.
In addition, it will be accompanied
by an acrylic ring stand with
special artwork exclusively drawn for
this collaboration and a luxurious box!
This product is made-to-order and
we are accepting orders for a limited time.

[Reception Period]

December 25, 2023 (Mon) 11:00
to January 29, 2024 (Mon) 12:00

[Shipping Period]

Scheduled to be shipped
sequentially from late April 2024

*Please note that we cannot accept cancellations or returns
after an order has been placed.
*This product is sold only online,
so it is not available at TAKE-UP physical stores.

This ring is designed to celebrate Captain Levi's birthday on December 25th. Based on a green natural gemstone inspired by Captain Levi, the ring is finished with shiny platinum and sparkling diamonds to make it a luxurious and special piece suitable for his birthday.

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your own currency on the next page.

The center stone is an original doublet which is a layer of Jubilee cut white quartz glued to malachite (December birthstone) inspired by the green cloak he wears. You would layer the image of Captain Levi leading his friends and subordinates.

We have committed to the details. The sholders of the ring have a design inspired by ultrahard blades, expressing the rotating slash characteristic of Captain Levi.

Besides, the back of the center stone has a watermark pattern with the Survey Corps emblem as a motif.

The message “Dedicate your heart." is casually engraved on the inside of the ring, allowing you to always feel close to Captain Levi and the world of the story. We use high-quality platinum 950 to create jewelry that you can use for a long time.

The ring will be wrapped in a luxurious special box with an original logo mark. Additionally, everyone who purchases it will be gifted a newly drawn acrylic ring stand that features Captain Levi wearing the collaboration ring! This is a giveaway with a special design that can only be obtained here, allowing you to see Captain Levi and your shining ring.

* Each item comes with one box and one ring stand.
* The photos are samples and there may be slight changes in specifications.